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Digital Asset Catalog

Despite the growing primacy of the digital space, far too many people overlook their digital assets during the estate planning process. Easily track your digital assets and ensure all of your assets transfer safely and securely to your heirs.

digital asset catalog

What Are You Getting?

Many basic institutions have transitioned to digital-first or digital-only environments, including banks, investment platforms, and utilities companies. As more and more of life is conducted exclusively in the online space, our digital assets continue to multiply.

Because of the sheer number of digital assets each individual has and how many more will be added in the following years, you need to create a Digital Asset Catalog

This Digital Asset Catalog comes in as a fillable PDF for easy use. Once you’ve entered the information into the document, you can then password protect it by clicking “Protect Using Password” in the File menu. Unauthorized people won’t be able to view the PDF, but you can update the list anytime you want!

Alternatively, you can print out the PDF and keep it in hard copy.

digital asset catalog

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