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Key Tax Planning Topics and Updates for 2022

Each year brings a number of changes or updates to key factors of estate and tax planning. New statutes go into effect, existing statutes expire, new guidance is issued by regulators, and adjustments (for inflation, etc.) are made to important numbers. Moreover, the...

The True Cost of Estate Litigation Is Higher Than You Think

The role of an estate planning attorney and the cost of a comprehensive estate plan are perennial concerns for individuals and families from across the wealth spectrum. Often, wealthy individuals don’t see the benefits of paying for the various documents that make up...

Three Truly Terrifying Estate Planning Horror Stories

There are many horror stories in the estate planning world, but there are some stories that are particularly spine-tingling and terrifying. Fortunately, unlike the clueless teenagers in a slasher film, you can avoid being a victim. Below are just three of the estate...

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